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Why do you need a medical certificate?

A medical certificate from an official registered medical centre guarantees the required health conditions of the insurance-holder as well as certifying that you are fit and healthy enough to carry out any water sport.

Remember that a medical certificate is a compulsory requirement to be able to dive anywhere in Europe. Certificates must be renewed every 2 years for recreational divers and every year for professional divers. They must be signed by a hyperbaric doctor or a doctor specializing in sport medicine. 

Do you have insurance?

Remember it is compulsory to be insured for diving. 

Are you interested in an annual insurance? Do you just need a one-day insurance policy? Don’t worry, here at Plàncton we can help you purchase insurance online from the comfort of your own home. Simply let us know your personal and credit card details and you will have your policy ready in 5 minutes. 

You can choose to have it sent to your home in a few days or you can pick it up at our diving centre in person. Remember that it is compulsory to have an insurance policy to be able to go diving. 


Daily6 €
Week15 €
Month20 €
Annual40 €
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