Come snorkelling with us!

Snorkelling involves swimming and diving using goggles and a tube. At Plàncton we want you to enjoy your time snorkelling and also learn a little about what you will see. For this reason we always start with a short talk on marine biology where we’ll tell you about the sea ecosystems in and around l’Ametlla de Mar and the wildlife and plants we may find when we are out in the water. You’ll learn about species you have probably never noticed before, and many interesting facts about the life of sea animals. At Plàncton we believe that the better you get to know sea life, the more you will appreciate it and help to look after it.

Our guides are expert divers and also marine scientists, with degrees in Marine Science, Biology, and Environmental Science. They will show you how to see hard-to-find creatures and we are sure you will learn something new on every outing with us. When we return to the diving centre on the shore, you can go over what you have seen with our information guides and posters.

What do you need to go snorkelling?

To know how to swim relatively well

You don’t need to be an expert swimmer but remember we will be swimming for quite a long time. 

Minimum age: 6 years

Kids younger than 6 would probably soon tire of being in the water so long or not be patient enough – but don’t worry, in a year or two they’ll be old enough to join in!

A desire to learn!

However many times you have snorkelled before, we are sure you will learn something new with us.

Do you want to come snorkelling with us?



have already snorkelled with us. 



have discovered the secrets of the sea with us. 

Did you know that we are probably the only firm in Catalonia which offers snorkelling as one of its main activities? Most diving centres offer snorkelling as a secondary activity mainly for people who have come along to accompany someone going diving. At Plàncton we give snorkelling as much importance as diving. It is an enjoyable and easy way to discover sea life and learn about environmental matters.

We have focused on snorkelling outings for three years. It is the ideal activity for everyone to try, from young children to the elderly. Simple, enjoyable and you can stay in the water as long as you want. 

Try one of our snorkelling outings with an oceanographer guide.

Our snorkelling outings always begin with a short 15-20 minute marine biology talk. We will teach you about the marine ecosystems around l’Ametlla de Mar and the species you might see. It is also the perfect moment for any questions you have about the sea and its inhabitants! 

We will then give you all the equipment you need: wetsuit, snorkelling mask and tube, and water shoes. Next, we walk down to the Cala Vidre or La Dormidera beaches where we enter the water together, check our face masks are on correctly, and explain how to snorkel if anyone has never snorkelled with a mask and tube before.

As we swim out, we will slowly discover many small surprises and wonders during the 60-minute outing. The route we follow is about 300 metres long, parallel to the shoreline and with a maximum depth of 5 metres.

Every day, every outing, is different: fish, octopus, starfish… every creature moves and goes about their daily life meaning any moment can produce a surprise.  Thanks to our marine biologist and oceanographer guides, you won’t miss anything as they will be on hand to point out and tell you about all the wildlife and plants you will see as well as other curiosities about our coastline.

Prices: €25 adults and €22 youngsters (6-15 years). Includes all the equipment (wetsuit for the cold and comfort, water shoes, mask and tube), a snack afterwards and a photo which you can download from our Facebook page. We also have life jackets available for children or adults who need a little extra help.

What should you bring? Swimming costume (swimming trunks or briefs are the most comfortable styles for men and boys) and a towel. And get ready to enjoy yourselves! 

Languages available: Catalan, Spanish, English and French. 

Dates available: from Easter until 31 October. Advance booking is essential. 

Our routes

Cala Vidre bay (north):

Setting off from Cala Vidre beach we head north following the Sant Jordi headland. We will pass a wonderful Posidonia seagrass meadow beside the rocky outcrops leading into the sea. The start of the route is shallow enough to stand up but we will gradually swim out far enough to look down on depths of up to 5 metres. 

Cala Vidre (south) + La Dormidera:

Setting out from Cala Vidre beach we head south following rocky outcrops. Here we will see examples of Cystoseira sp. a fascinating algae unusual in Catalonia which looks like a small tree. Be careful not to step on or damage it! The route continues between the sandy beach and rocks to the La Dormidera cove where we still remember the amazing sight when we saw a large school of sand smelt fish (Atherina boyeri) the first ever time we snorkelled here. We will gradually move outwards looking down on depths of up to 5 metres. 

La Dormidera (south):

We will first go to a natural pool in this small cove where it is shallow enough to stand and practise snorkelling skills. We’ll then go out to sea and snorkel southwards among the rocky outcrops and meadows of sea grass to Cala Forn beach where we will see a variety of habitats including Cystoseira algae.

Sant Jordi:

The typical sea breeze in the afternoons means it is better to try the more peaceful waters at Sant Jordi beach. Swimming south we might see morays, anemone and other species hiding among the rocks. 

Cova del Llop Marí, de l’Hospitalet de l’Infant:

*Outside of our peak summer diving calendar (July and August) we can organize snorkelling outings on request at other local sites: 

  • Cala Calafató (L’Ametlla de Mar)
  • Cala Llobeta (L’Ametlla de Mar)
  • L’Illot (L’Ametlla de Mar)
  • L’Estany Podrit (L’Ametlla de Mar)
  • Posidonia sea grass meadow at l’Arenal (L’Hospitalet de l’Infant)
  • Many other beaches and coves in l’Ametlla de Mar!


At Plàncton Diving we firmly believe that snorkelling is a great activity with plenty of possibilities. What about kayaking along the l’Ametlla de Mar coastline and stopping off to snorkel in its transparent waters? We have prepared special outings to do just this! 

Biocaiac (biokayaking) is one of our top summer activities! We paddle out with kayaks from our friends at TGNàutica and head south from Port de l’Estany. We soon reach l’Estany Podrit beach where we leave the boats. Before snorkelling, we will give you our short marine biology talk to ensure you make the most of your time in the water. Then, masks and tubes on and we’re ready to snorkel! 

What is included? All the snorkelling equipment (mask tube, wetsuit), kayak, cover, life jacket, paddle, and insurance. 

What to bring? Swimming costume (trunks or briefs are the most comfortable styles for men and boys), towel, water shoes or similar, a t-shirt for the sun, sunglasses, sun protection cream and a snack for mid-morning. And get ready to have a great time!

Price: €50/person

Languages available: Catalan, Spanish, English and French. 

Length: 4-5 hours


If you have never snorkelled before and want to learn… or perhaps you have snorkelled but want to improve your skills or learn more about sea life… we have courses ideal for you!

Our SSI Snorkel Diver programme is the first step into the world of snorkelling. A fantastic way to practise snorkelling, gain confidence and learn how to make the most of your time exploring the amazing landscapes and life under the sea, whether you plan to snorkel here locally or when you are away on holiday on the other side of the world.

You will learn everything you need to know about snorkelling equipment and the skills to dive safely. When you finish the course, you will receive your SSI Snorkel Diver card.

The course includes theory work online via the SSI web and in person with us – including a talk on marine biology – and two snorkelling outings to practise.


Do you want to know what it feels like to dive under water?

Come diving with us. You can try diving for the first time or take the SSI Open Water Diver course or a more advanced course for experienced divers – including the option of diving from a boat.

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