Cancellation Policy

Guided dives:

The organization of staff and the material we need every day for us to offer a good service means that every cancellation has an economic cost for us. When you confirm your diving session with us it means that you agree to the conditions in our cancellation policy:

  • Plàncton Diving reserves the right to cancel an activity for reasons related to the weather as safety is always our priority. In such a case, you, as the client, can choose another date for your dive or add the fees paid to your client’s account to be used in the future for another activity. We will inform you as soon as possible if weather conditions may affect your booking.
  • If the client cancels the activity: 
  1.  If it is for force majeure (unexpected events such as a serious illness or death of a family member or changes at work, with the necessary justification), we will return 100% of your deposit as long as you let us know about the cancellation via email to more than 24 hours before the start of the activity. 
  2. For other reasons: Plàncton Diving offers you the chance to change your dive date, or keep any fees paid in your account for a future activity, or we can offer a refund as long as you cancel by email to more than 24 hours before the activity. If you cancel within the 24 hours before the activity or you fail to come on the day of the activity without letting us know, your booking will be cancelled and we will be unable to return your deposit. 
  3. If you have to cancel during the dive (feeling sick, dizzy, cold or for any other cause not related to Plàncton Diving), unfortunately we will be unable to refund your fees as obviously we have used the time and resources necessary for this time slot.

To reduce the likelihood of any problem occurring, we recommend taking Biodramina or ginger to avoid motion sickness problems, wearing suitable equipment to prevent the cold, choosing suitable dives for your skills and experience, and checking all your equipment before diving to avoid any last minute surprises.

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