Guided dives at Plàncton!

We offer unhurried leisurely diving activities at Plàncton Diving so you can enjoy the sea to the fullest! We give each client the time you need and we adapt our outings to your needs so that you always feel welcome, confident and relaxed. 

What happens on a guided dive?

Every outing begins with a 10-minute marine biology briefing where we talk about the creatures we might see or other things going on at this time of year: reproduction, appearance of different species… We will also explain the key points about diving and our safety rules. We then prepare the equipment and go to the beach or boat to get ready for your guided dive. Every day, every outing, is different: fish, octopus, starfish… every creature moves and goes about their daily life meaning every dive can produce a surprise. Thanks to our marine biologist and oceanographer diving guides, you won’t miss anything as they will be on hand to point out and tell you about all the wildlife and plants you will see as well as other curiosities about our coastline.

If you have very little experience diving, you can contract an individual private guide just for you at an extra cost. If you feel rusty, perhaps you should try our Scuba Skills Update SSI course to refresh your skills and ensure you dive with more confidence and safety. 

After the outing, we can go over what you have just seen by looking at the animal and plant information guides we have at the centre. Here you can also relax in our chill-out zone and chat about your experience over a cool drink and snacks. 

Dive times (pre-booking is essential): 9.00, 12.00, and 15.30 in peak season. We also sometimes offer night-time dives. Check out our web page or social networks (Facebook and Instagram) for our weekly schedule.

Prices: €35 diving from a boat; €28 from the shore. If you book in for a second dive, the fees drop to €28 and €25 respectively. 

Do you want to dive a lot this year? Buy one of our special tickets for 5 or 10 dives! 

Come and dive with us!

Do you have insurance?

Remember it is compulsory to be insured for diving. 

Are you interested in an annual insurance? Do you just need a one-day insurance policy? Don’t worry, here at Plàncton we can help you purchase insurance online from the comfort of your own home. Simply let us know your personal and credit card details and you will have your policy ready in 5 minutes. 

You can choose to have it sent to your home in a few days or you can pick it up at our diving centre in person. Remember that it is compulsory to have an insurance policy to be able to go diving. 


Daily6 €
Week15 €
Month20 €
Annual40 €

What do you have to bring with you?

To dive with Plàncton you must bring the following with you to show us: 

  • Insurance policy (if you do not have one, we can arrange it for you on the day of your dive with Segursub/Scubamedic).
  • Up-to-date medical certificate (renewed every 2 years for divers, or every year for professionals) or the personal responsibility document found in Appendix 1 of the BOE (the official state gazette in Spain). 
  • Qualification and sufficient experience for the activity you have put your name down for. 
  • Diving equipment. If you don’t have all the equipment, you can hire it at our centre. 

* Royal Decree 550/2020 2 June regarding health and safety regulations for diving activities states you must use the following: 

  • Buoyancy control device (BCD, jacket)
  • Suitable goggles or face mask 
  • Flippers
  • Air supply with 2-stage diving regulator 
  • Pressure gauge 
  • Cutting device (scissors or knife) 
  • Depth control device (depth gauge or computer) 
  • Time measurement device 
  • Decompression control device or tables (computer and/or tables) 
  • Sound-making device (whistle) 
  • Surface marker buoy 

What dives do we offer?

In l’Ametlla de Mar and the surrounding area we carry out dives from both the shore and from our 7.5 metre semi-rigid inflatable boat, Planctonsita.

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