COVID-19 protocol

We aim to protect you

We have introduced health and safety measures and necessary changes to the way we work to reduce the risk of catching or passing on the Covid-19 virus. We have taken care when designing the measures to keep them as efficient and simple as possible for our clients to follow. 

BEFORE YOU VISIT OUR CENTRE, we request that you read all the rules we have drawn up and follow them. It is essential for the health of everyone, clients and instructors alike, that we all make an effort to be as careful as possible. We thank you for your comprehension of this strange new situation. 

Some of the most important changes to our activities and organization:

  • We request that you make any inquiries you may have via email, whatsapp or a phone call. The centre will only be open when we have diving activities. If you do have to come in person for any reason, please call us first. 
  • At present we CANNOT take you to the diving locations in our vehicles. You will have to make you own way to the site. 
  • Face masks are compulsory. You must bring one with you (if you forget, you can buy one at the centre). 
  • You CANNOT enter our installations now. If you do have to enter for any reason, the use of masks and hand gel are compulsory.
  • We must maintain a distance of 2 metres between everyone in the activity. Face masks are also compulsory on boat outings. 
  • Direct contact between participants must be avoided. 

As usual, if you have any doubts or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch: telephone 977 457 741 or by email at

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