Marine biology dives (two or more people)(Price per person. Includes guide, scuba tank and lead weights)



Adult Snorkelling / Child Snorkelling (6-16 years) 25€ / 22€
Nighttime snorkelling (10 years old and above) 30€
Marine biology dives (two or more people)

(Price per person. Includes guide, scuba tank and lead weights)

 Two dives at Underwater Park SES Tarragona – Dragonera boat (taxes included) 67€
Subsequent dives (Price includes guide, scuba tank and lead weights) 25€
SUPPLEMENT: Personal guides, ratio 2:1 maximum (for minors, scuba divers or people with little experience) 25€
SUPPLEMENT for nightime dives 12€
BioKayaking (price includes kayak + snorkelling) 45€
Ecocreuer (sailing with the goleta ecològica Alania + guided snorkelling route along the coastline of l’Ametlla de Mar). This activity lasts 2 hours 30 minutes. 37€ (depending on season)



Scuba tank – 10L, 12L, 15L o 18L 10€
Jacket 9€
Regulator 9€
Wetsuit – long 5mm with hood/ short 2.5mm 5€
Mask + tube 5€
Lead weights 5€
Fins and water shoes 5€
Fins or water shoes 3€
Gloves 2mm 3€
Basic torch 5€
Compass 5€
Basic gear (mask + tube + fins + water shoes) 9€
Complete diving gear without oxygen (if you dive with us) 20€
Complete diving gear without oxygen (if you are NOT diving with us) 30€
Watertight container for keys 3€




Try Scuba session + marine biology talk. 10% discount for groups of more than 4 people. 65€
 SSI Scuba Skills Update 95€
Scuba Diver 210€
Upgrade from Scuba Diver to Open Water Diver 200€
Open Water Diver (12 hours theory + 2 pool dives + 5 sea dives). Free 2-hour marine biology course with oceanographers + 3 extra dives. 420 €
Advanced Open Diver/Advanced adventurer 320€
Advanced Open Water Diver

(first aid in diving accidents, underwater orientation, deep diving, nitrox diving, wrecks, nighttime diving, underwater photography, search and rescue, drysuits)

Request prices (vary for different specialities)
Specialities (nighttime diving, orientation, flotability, deep diving, wrecks, dry suit…) 160€

Deep diving: 250€

Wreck diving: 180€

React Right (First aid + CPR + AED + oxygen administration) 150€
Stress & Rescue with a GRAE underwater rescue firefighter 320€
Dive Guide SSI 420€
Dive Master ACUC 620€
Entry Level Instructor ACUC 520€
Assistant instructor ACUC/Divecontrol Specialist SSI 620€
Open Water Instructor ACUC 1100€
Introductory course to Mediterranean marine biology €85  (inc. dive with oxygen and weights)

€45 (without dive)

Snorkelling course SSI 110 €