Night Diving & Limited Visibility


Our Night and Limited Visibility diving course opens up a whole new world of diving opportunities and experiences. You will learn all about the necessary equipment and the skills, knowledge and experience you need to go diving at night-time with a companion or in conditions of limited visibility.


With this course you’ll no longer have to come out of the water when the sun sets or the water becomes less transparent. It is also useful if you intend to dive in a lake or quarry. 

Night-time diving lets you see things you would probably never see in the daytime. Many marine animals hide away during the bright hours of daytime and reappear at night. Coral often feeds at night too, turning dark waters into a garden of colour. Our Night and Limited Visibility diving course opens up a new world of opportunities. You will learn about the equipment necessary, as well as the skills, knowledge and experience you need to be able to dive safely with a partner at night or in conditions of limited visibility. 

How is the course organized? 

As with all our SSI diving courses, the theory lessons can be studied online from wherever you happen to be, at your pace and in the language you choose.

When you have finished the theory lessons, we will carry out two dives. On the first dive, you will learn how to move in an area with limited visibility while in the second you will practise night diving, how to communicate with your partners under water at night, how to use and look after torches, and so on. 

Online training: The quality of face-to-face, from home!

  • At your own pace
  • Tutor always available to resolve doubts
  • No minimum group required
  • Moodle online platform

Additional information


Open Water Diver certificate, over 15 years old, up-to-date medical revision.


1 day


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