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The Open Water Diver course is ideal for a complete enjoyment of the world of diving. The theoretical and practical classes will teach you about safety, gear, buoyancy… the perfect course to enjoy your new passion with safety and knowledge. 


f you’ve come as far as this page, it’s clear you are keen on diving! Maybe you’ve already tried it once and you’ve seen that breathing and ‘flying’ underwater is a thrill you want to keep on enjoying. 

If that’s the case, this is the diving course for you: Open Water Diver.

Open Water Diver is the course to open the doors of the magical world of diving. With our theory and practical classes, you’ll learn about diving equipment and techniques, buoyancy, basic safety concepts, and what happens to your body as you dive, You’ll also learn that your diving companion is your first safety measure.

How is the course organized?

As with all the SSI courses, you will study theory online from wherever you happen to be, at your own pace and in the language you choose.


What does the course cover? 

Everything related to diving and snorkelling, the effects of pressure on our body, aspects of anatomy related to our respiratory system and blood circulation to understand the risks connected to decompression. We will learn about compensation techniques, underwater communication, decompression tables, and how to plan a dive. Basic knowledge and skills for safe diving.

It is best to carry out the first practice sessions in a swimming pool or natural rock pool (near the beach) for safety reasons. In the first 6 sessions you will learn how to set up and dismantle all the equipment, put it on correctly, use the face mask, share your air regulator with your partner, control your buoyancy… and practise many other exercises to gain confidence, get to know your equipment and prepare for your first sea dives. 

Once you have learned the basics, we will enjoy up to 4 relaxing dives to observe the underwater wildlife and plants in l’Ametlla de Mar, go over the exercises again, and take the final exam. We’ll do the last dive from our boat, Planctonsita.

Remember that here at Plàncton we also include a marine biology course in the Open Water Diving course to help you learn to recognize the sea life you will come across while diving. 

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8:30h – Meet at the Plàncton Diving Centre9h – Fourth dive (with practical exam)
9h – First dive and immersion exercises in the pool11h – Fifth dive, from the boat
12h – Second immersion13h – Theory exam

14h – ‘Bring-your-own’ lunch 

Lunch together at the diving centre. Bring your own picnic, snack or sandwich (or order something from a nearby bar). 


15h – Marine biology talk + coffee/tea break 

We will talk about some of the most common species you are likely to see while diving.

18:30h – Third immersion 

Additional information

Preu del curs amb teoria online

€375 – Inclou: kit digital SSI, classes teòriques online, classes pràctiques, carnet físic SSI, assegurança, seminari de biologia marina i seminari deco, logbook, samarreta Plàncton, i kit obligatori de seguretat (boia deco + carret + xiulet + tisores).

Preu del curs amb l'especialitat de biologia marina

€465 – Inclou: kit digital SSI de l'OWD i de l'especialitat "Marine Ecology", classes teòriques online, classes pràctiques, carnet físic SSI, assegurança, seminari de biologia marina, seminari deco, seminari d'ecologia marina de la Mediterrània, logbook, samarreta Plàncton, kit obligatori de seguretat (boia deco + carret + xiulet + tisores).


Saber nedar, tenir més de 10 anys i certificat mèdic d'una validesa de 2 anys. Si tens entre 10 i 15 anys, la titulació que rebràs serà la de Junior Open Water Diver que et permetrà bussejar acompanyat per un adult que sigui mínim Open Water Diver i fins una fondària màxima de 12 metres fins que compleixis els 16 anys.


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