Diving and snorkelling centre in l'Ametlla de Mar

Plàncton Diving is your diving and snorkelling centre in l’Ametlla de Mar and the perfect place to enjoy our Try Scuba experience. Our oceanographic guides will accompany you and introduce you to the wonders of diving for the first time in a 3-hour course. 

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At Plàncton we work to ensure you can enjoy our activities in a safe way.

Check out our protocol for diving during the Covid-19 pandemic here. 

Why choose Plàncton Diving?

We are a highly-qualified team

All our diving guides are oceanographers. Our technical director has over 33 years’ diving experience.

Ready to be surprised?

Whether you try diving or snorkelling, you will be fascinated by what you learn about the wildlife and plants below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea.

Commitment to the environment

We also enjoy participating in science communication projects for the general public. We propose new projects and challenges every year.

Discover our special offers:

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We organize and collaborate with a variety of science communication projects:

Responsible diving and snorkelling

As a scientific team concerned about the environment, we are committed to diving responsibly. We aim for our activities to have the least possible impact on the environment. How? Through good preparation and training (the better you dive, the lower the environmental impact you have) and having a good understanding of the environment and ecosystems. 

We carry out a variety of measures at Plàncton Diving to ensure both our team and our customers dive in the most responsible and environmentally-friendly way: 

We give a short but thorough marine biology briefing before every activity: it is important to be aware of the impact of our activities in the sea, and the better you know the local environment, the more you can reduce this impact. 

Collecting sea litter: our diving guides and instructors always have a bag with them to collect any litter or rubbish they may find. We encourage all our clients to do the same when they go diving. 

Beach cleaning: every year we organize or participate in public beach or sea bed cleaning activities. We collaborate with environmental associations such as Graëllsia and Artquatic.

We also offer courses to improve buoyancy techniques, to learn about marine biology, and to learn how to participate in marine science studies. Once a month we organize a scientific sampling dive to collaborate with the Sea Watchers project run by the Sea Science Institute (Institut de Ciències del Mar CSIC).

Plàncton Diving is your diving and snorkelling centre in l’Ametlla de Mar (near Tarragona). Activities include: guided dives from the coast or from a boat, snorkelling outings, diving from a sailing boat in the Columbretes Islands, bio-kayaking in the Mediterranean, and the rental of all kinds of diving gear and equipment. We offer diving courses at all levels with the official SSI certificate including a complete beginners (Try Scuba) course, the Open Water Diver SSI qualification, training courses to become a diving instructor, and many others. We also organize summer camps, workshops and other activities for young children to learn about and enjoy the sea. When diving or snorkelling, our expert team of oceanographers and marine biologists will show you how to recognize the wonderful flora and fauna making up our local ecosystems and thanks to our marine briefings and educational talks you will soon be an expert too! 

Do you have insurance?

Remember it is compulsory to be insured for diving. 

Are you interested in an annual insurance? Do you just need a one-day insurance policy? Don’t worry, here at Plàncton we can help you purchase insurance online from the comfort of your own home. Simply let us know your personal and credit card details and you will have your policy ready in 5 minutes. 

You can choose to have it sent to your home in a few days or you can pick it up at our diving centre in person. Remember that it is compulsory to have an insurance policy to be able to go diving. 


Daily6 €
Week15 €
Month20 €
Annual40 €
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Centre de submarinisme i snorkel a l'Ametlla de Mar
Centre de submarinisme i snorkel a l'Ametlla de Mar
Centre de submarinisme i snorkel a l'Ametlla de Mar
Centre de submarinisme i snorkel a l'Ametlla de Mar
reserva-biosfera-terres-ebre-logo-cente-acreditat-planctonCentre de submarinisme i snorkel a l'Ametlla de Mar

Pláncton Diving is the only diving firm officially recognized by the Terres de l’Ebre Biosphere Reserve.


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