Perfect Buoyancy


Our buoyancy course aims to improve your diving skills and help you avoid damage to underwater flora and fauna with your equipment. 


Our buoyancy course is HIGHLY recommended if you have just taken the Open Water Diver course and you want to improve your buoyancy and position skills in the water. 

You will learn how to feel more at home under the water and decrease your air consumption. By learning how to float better, you will also reduce your impact on the underwater wildlife and plants and you will disturb less sand which is better for both your companions’ visibility and animals which filter water. 

Improving your body control under water means you will gain in both safety and confidence. You’ll also be able to take better photos! 

How is the course organized? 

As with all our SSI diving courses, the theory lessons can be studied online from wherever you happen to be, at your pace and in the language you choose.

When you have finished the theory lessons, we will carry out two immersions for you to improve your skills, trim and position in the water.

Our Technical Director Xavi Llambrich, GRAE underwater rescue diver from the Catalan fire service is in charge of the practical lessons. He has had many years experience training divers at all levels. 

Remember that this speciality course will also count towards the training you need if you are aiming for the Advanced Open Water Diver certificate, which requires training in 4 specialities and 24 dives registered officially in your SSI digital logbook.

Online training: The quality of face-to-face, from home!

  • At your own pace
  • Tutor always available to resolve doubts
  • No minimum group required
  • Moodle online platform

Additional information


Open Water Diver certificate, over 10 years old, up-to-date medical revision.


1 day


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